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We do transcription and logging for production studios. We need independent contractors to take a media file that is downloaded to their personal computer and create a transcript (a typed script of all the dialogue in the video) of that media file. Then upload it to our system for the show to use.

In order to do this work, you must have high speed Internet on your personal computer. You will need a Windows operating system, Windows Media Player, headphones, and a foot pedal is highly recommened. Neither our software nor the media files of our clients are to be installed or utilized on a public access computer. You must be able to sign a legally binding contract in your state of residence (18 years in most). You must be able to follow written instructions, as all training will take place via e-mail and online training videos. You must be able to type, spell, punctuate, and capitalize accurately.

You will download a sample media file and create an original transcript, using instructions available at the Download link of the Terescription website. Then you e-mail your sample transcript to The transcript will be analyzed for accurately following instructions, correct formatting, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Yes, you can do the sample without a pedal. No, we don't recommend it.

Terescription contracts with you for transcription work. If your sample transcript is acceptable, you will be asked to fax the signed Independent Contractor Agreement and Exhibit A to (949) 258-3396. Both documents are on the download tab at the Terescription website. You will be required to provide telephone number(s) and Social Security Number if you did not provide them when you created your Terescription account.


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Outsource your video transcription and video logging. We transcribe and log your production audio or video with time code or duration.


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