We Can Transcribe Any Digital Media

Terescription provides affordable and professional transcription services for the entertainment, business, legal and educational markets. With Terescription you can upload your media files over the internet from any location in the world. Included with your transcription is basic access to TeresisOnline, the only professional production system with patent pending technology that links the transcript to the video and allows you to search your transcripts, and immediately jump by hyperlink to that position in the video. Instantly find clips and build your story line from your desktop anywhere in the world.

Our transcripts and logs are 99% accurate and we have delivery turn-around time (TAT) options of 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours. We can include meta data, time code or position. Transcripts can be printed with headers and page numbers, and exported to Microsoft Word from TeresisOnline.

Entertainment Transcription

Outsource your video transcription and video logging. We transcribe and log your production audio or video with time code or duration.

Business Transcription

High quality business transcripts, including market research transcription, sales meeting transcription, & business meeting transcripts.

Legal & Investigation Transcription

Accurate, timely and secure legal transcriptions: arbitration transcriptions, mediation brief transcripts, & discovery interview transcription.

Education Transcription

Transcribe video recorded educational, academic and research material including lecture transcription & class transcripts.